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In Bonita Springs the mold isn't like other areas of the country.  In many areas of Florida you can wait approximately three years between roof cleaning, that isn't the case here in SWFL as mold build up requires about every two years.  Too many companies still rely on using standard power cleaning when it comes to washing your roof, when a no pressure solution is your best option. In the competitive world of roof and exterior cleaning most people ask us why traditional pressure washing methods are not a good idea. While the power washer is a great and effective tool for cleaning it doesn’t make it the ideal one for all situations. Roofing material can be delicate and you can end up destroying or damaging your rooftop without even realizing it.  The truth is, you might end up doing more harm than good. The caustic chemicals and the hose dragging can open the pores of your roofing material allowing the mold to come back.  Roof care maintenance is the answer to our SWFL mold problem.  We use a product that is environmentally safe, USDA approved,100% bio-degradable product safe to be used around children, pets, and plants.

Roof Soft Washing

This method of cleaning your roof is damaging because it always uses a  high strength chlorine.  Many contractors will tell you it isn't a big deal but they are wrong.  This method will kill vegetation and probably rust out your gutters.  This isn't a good option and we would never suggest you use it for your roof, because the risk is just to great.

Pressurized Roof Cleaning

Once again this is not a method that should be used to maintain your roof.  Using pressure of any kind on your roof will remove the granules on your asphalt shingle.  It is even more harmful on tile roofs as it will remove the natural sheen layer and open up the pores on the tile which allows more mold and algae to come back.  

The reason your roof got dirty in the first place is due in large part to mold. If not taken care of properly, this problem can actually spread instead of be eradicated while using standard cleaning methods. So what you get with the method we use is an eco-friendly way to actually rid the problem.

No Pressure Roof Cleaning Experts

That's where Roof Care of SWFL comes into the picture our method not only cleans the roof it prolongs the life.

They made my roof look really good. I had no idea how much gunk was on my roof tiles.
J. Paul HutchIns
Naples, FL
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